Front Projection Screen OPERA® white perforated

Standard matte-white perforated front projection screen for theatre, event, home cinema and movie theatre applications. Perforated for sound transmission.

  • Seaming possible: yes.
  • Screen type: D.

Thickness: 0,30 mm
Gain (Front) : 0.9
Colour: white
Material: PVC
Weight approx.: 390 g/m²
Width approx.: 200 cm
Bolt Length approx.: 300,00 m
Flame retardant: EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0, NFPA 701

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OPERA® White Perforated is an ideal screen when an economical perforated front projection screen is required for sound transmission. Due to the perforation diameter of 1.23 mm and 37 holes per square inch, it allows the passage of medium to high frequency sound to pass easily. Lower frequencies pass naturally through the PVC surface. It has a 7% perforation area which means that when viewed at distances as close as 7 feet, it appears to be a flat, non-perforated screen. If light comes from behind the screen it will have a semi-transparent quality to it making useful on stage as a special effects projection scrim. With its Gain of 0.90, it’s the perfect choice for cinema applications.

  • Seaming possible: yes.
  • Screen type: D.
  • Perforation area: 7 %.
  • Perforation count: 57.000/m² (37/in².)
  • Perforation diameter: 1,25 mm.
  • Packing method: Folded, rolled on request.

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