Stage Tech

Stagetech Srl was born from the experience of people who have been in the show business for over 25 years.

The experience began with stage mechanics and with the design and management of all electric drives, track rails, stage machines and automated systems in theaters and performances in general and also with the concerts sector with the supply of dozens of rope and chain hoist computerized systems for countless concerts and musicals among the most important in Italian and world music scene.

In the field of fashion, we have participated in the construction of various Auditorium for prominent brands such as Armani and Gucci.

In the field of permanent architecture, we create customized shops, design furniture, as well as complete Design Projects such as the creation of the Cremona Violin Museum and its Auditorium, which recently won the Compasso d’Oro prize.

In the field of scenic fabrics, besides being the distributors of a prestigious international brand, we have a great theater-tailoring department that is able to daily produce curtains, backdrops, etc. with the most special materials, as well as having fabrics stock ready for delivery.

Another sector in which Stagetech srl is active is the television. We collaborate with major television groups for whom we create set designs for the various TV show broadcasts.

Thanks to the woodwork, carpentry and lighting engineering departments, the company is able to build and set up set designs for business events, exhibitions, and set designs in a fast way as often as the market demands.

Last but not least, the exhibition equipment industry is a sector that we follow alongside the various designers and customers to create customized stands that can satisfy the communicative needs in an accurate and effective way.

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Listening to the customer and his needs is the first step in the design of an outfit or a set design. Once all information has been collected, it goes to technical design and practical realization.

In our workshops we take care of all the stages of realizing a creative idea.

  • Ideation

    Genius of Intuition.

  • Design

    Design of the sketch.

  • Realization

    Realization of the scenic elements and all the elements necessary to make a project functional and efficient..

  • Installation

    Installation and assembly of the various components; at delivery of the final product, in Italy and abroad.

Our customers


Stage Tech makes theater arrangements, focusing on scenography, design and scenery. We are able to produce all kinds of equipment, always tailored to the needs of our Customers: backdrops, wooden structures, modular platforms, decorative sculptures in polystyrene, furnishings and stage furniture, various tools …

Cinema / TV

Stage Tech takes passion for the scenery for cinema and television, for television programs. We are committed to providing fixed or practicable facilities for setting indoor and outdoor scenes, polystyrene sculptures, decorations to existing buildings …


Companies find in Stage Tech a ductile group able to develop a unique project for every kind of event and location, building creative spaces that can thrill, engage and amaze you.

Stage Tech takes care of organizing events and scenery for events, fairs, corporate events and meetings, recurrences …

Institutions and P. A.

Institutions and public administrations find Stage Tech an interlocutor able to provide solutions that best value their interventions.