All types of wood are here processed, treated and cut, both with manual, and with numerically controlled machineries, following the design guidelines and seeking solutions innovative and optimized for each type of construction.

Here are also worked different materials such as polycarbonate, corian, acoustic panels, plasterboard, resins, etc

Construction and assembly

After the preparation of the materials and their assembling, each work is followed in its entirety, until the phase of in situ assembly, with attention to the project and the specific needs of the client and of the spaces.

Metal carpentry, electrotechnics

Here are treated and worked materials such as iron, aluminum, steel to realize strong structures or integrate parts of other constructions.

The technical and electrical engineering within the company, also offer the opportunity to design, construct and use binary systems, hoists, motors to obtain scenic machinery, automations, flight effects, etc,
as well as lighting solutions and plant engineering.


Here are created works and finishing of high aesthetic impact with artistic and decorative materials.

Scenic, sculptural, pictorial works and each type of
custom treatment.

Project design

Whether it is to start a project from its foundations, from an idea, or whether to develop projects already defined and make them executive, the office for project design follows the entire life of each work,
from relief to calculations, from the main project, up to the executive and constructive one, from the elaboration of renderings, to logistics organization.


Prepares fabrics, cuttings and sewings, using fine materials and sophisticated manifacturing.

Embroidery, harlequins, curtains, projection screens, and any type of requested product, here come to life.


Surface: 200 square meters. Shapes, mock ups, sculptures, sets are created from a light material.

All this is possible thanks to the use of a cutting plotter and to the know-how of people.