Schermo di Retroproiezione OPTILUX

Molto buono per la proiezione video. Schermo di Retroproiezione con eccellente qualità delle immagini, guadagno elevato e luminanza distribuita in modo uniforme.

  • Colore neutro.
  • Buon valore.
Spessore: 0,30 mm
Guadagno (posteriore): 1.48
Colore: grigio
Materiale: PVC
Peso: 414 g/m²
Larghezza: 210 cm
Lunghezza rotolo: 200,00 m
Ignifugo: EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0, DIN 4102 B1, NFPA 701
Categorie: , , COD: Item No. 21330000


OPTILUX is more economical choice as compared to OPTITRANS. It has similar characteristics but is slightly darker in color thus making it less sensitive to unwanted stray ambient light. Color contrast is good but brightness (Gain 1.48) is a little less compared to OPTITRANS. Suitable for edge blending but sufficient distance must be used.
Very good for video projection.
Neutral colour.
Rear projection screen with excellent picture quality, high gain and evenly distributed luminance.
Good value.

  • Seaming possible: yes.
  • Screen type: R.
  • Thickness approx.: 0,30 mm / 12 mil.
  • Packing method: Folded, rolled on request.
    Please note: folding may cause crazing (small white crease marks).

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