Dancers Know What Dancers Need

Gerriets collaborated with Gregor Seyffert & Company,
to create VARIO ALLROUND, a unique dance floor.

  • Shock-absorbing, for any dance style.
  • The matte, non-reflective surface is slip resistant (R10).
  • Available in full rolls only.
Thickness: 3,65 mm
Colour: black
Material: PVC
Weight approx.: 2600 g/m²
Width approx.: 200 cm
Bolt Length approx.: 20,00 m
Flame retardant: EN 13501-1/Cfl-s1
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Dancers Know What Dancers Need

Gerriets collaborated with Gregor Seyffert & Company, to create VARIO ALLROUND, a unique dance floor.

“Dance is one of the hardest professions and shortest careers,” says Seyffert. “The profession demands a high level of discipline, motivation and commitment combined with flexibility and creativity. As dancers, we need reliable partners who value the hard work we are doing as well as our health and well-being.

Consulting with Gerriets on the development of a dance floor, our primary goal was to reduce the physical strain the members of my company are exposed to. High jumps, acrobatic movements that strain joints and tendons, and use of different footwear require a floor with strong elasticity and slip resistance.

We also wanted a floor for touring that is readily portable and quick and easy to put in place in various types of venues, unrolling quickly and easily on top of any surface.

The extraordinary new dance floor from Gerriets is very successful in addressing all of these specifications and provides more safety and comfort for dancers.”


Developed for dancers by dancers. VARIO ALLROUND is the perfect choice for any dance style. It works well for dance studios, stage or touring events. The glass fiber reinforced floor is shock absorbing and dimensionally stable.

The matte surface does not reflect and is slip resistant (R 10).
Lays perfectly flat and is easily rolled and unrolled.

  • Available in full rolls only.
  • Custom colours available for orders over 500 rm / 546 yds.
  • For cleaning, please use the Gerriets VARIO Cleaning Kit.


  • Total Thickness: 3,65 mm, EN 428
  • Wear Layer Thickness: 0,5 mm, EN 429
  • Weight: 2.600 g/m², EN 430
  • Residual Indentation: < 0,2 mm, EN 433
  • Sound Absorption: ~ 19 dB, ISO 140-8
  • Dimension Stability: < 0,1 %, EN 434
  • Light Fastness: ≥ 7, EN 20105-B02
  • Electrostatic Behavior: < 2kV, DIN EN 1815
  • Chemical Resistance: DIN 51958
  • Slip Resistance: R10, DIN 51130
  • Durability: EN 685 23, 33, 42

Layer Structure:

1. Protective layer for easy cleaning.
2. Heavy duty transparent wear layer.
3. Floor colour layer.
4. Colour coordinated middle compact layer*.
5. Colour coordinated base layer with fiber reinforcement for dimension stability*.
6. Colour coordinated foam backing*.

* Applies to orange, red and black.