Sandbag KIVI

  • The sandbag KIVI has a cylinder shape.
  • Suitable as filling for the empty sandbag KANGAROO which can be filled up to a weight of 20 kg or 30 kg, so that it is appropriate as a holder for different purposes (such as pavilions, etc.).
  • A handle from belt webbings for easier handling with sandbag. On the side mounted D-rings made from stainless steel for fixing or fastening of various ropes, ribbons, etc.

Colour: black

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Material description:

  • Unique abrasion resistance.
  • Extremely high tensile strength.
  • Highest durability.
  • The inside of the bag is lined with Polyurethane to make it water tight.
    The outside of the bag is impregnated with Fluorcarbone to repel water, oil and dirt.
    The textile is according to Öko-Tex© Standard 100.

Sandbag KIVIShaped like a cylinder.

  • Can be used as an insert for the Kangaroo sandbag, which can be filled up to 20 kg or 30 kg. They also can be used to hold down tarps or cloth for a tent.
  • Therefore it serves as holder for different purposes such as pavilions.
  • Hand grip made out of linen webbing for easier lifting.
  • A stainless D-ring is incorporated on both ends to fasten different ropes and ties.
  • Available in two versions (weight; dimensions).