ANIMATION is an innovative ShowLED system combining the classic star drop curtain effect with sophisticated video technology. Each LED can be individually programmed and controlled, which allows for the creation of animated video images and makes dynamic backgrounds possible.

  • Full colour spectrum (RGB) plus individual LED control.


Multiple effects are possible such as custom star fields, programmed logos an chase effects via hand-held controller.

  • High intensity, dimmable LEDs.
  • Permanent and touring applications.
  • LED lamp life: up to 100,000 h.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Weight: 910 g/m² / 26,84 oz/yd².
  • Low heat output.
  • Short circuit proof: no risk of damage to controller or connected equipment.
  • Durable LEDs and sockets can be reused many times.
  • Extremely low maintenance required.

Standard Manufacturing:

  • Front side: Duvetyne CS
  • Back side: Taffeta CS
  • Both materials are flameretardant according to German DIN 4102 B1, French M1 and USA NFPA 701 standards.
  • Finished with webbing and hook & loop fastener on all four sides to allow connection of many curtains in any configuration.


  • Control via ShowLED V-Box, PCor media server.
  • Standalone operation not possible. Must have a video source.


Animation is an innovative Show-LED system combining the classic star drop curtain effect with sophisticated video technology. Each LED can be individually programmed and controlled, which allows for the creation of animated video images and enables the possibility for dynamic backgrounds.

ShowLED Animation is not a high-resolution video screen, but rather a textile backdrop that produces surprisingly good and convincing video effects. Animation is a cost effective solution for touring events and mobile presentations. Large backdrops can be set up and broken down easily and stored in flight cases for transport.

  • Standard LED density:
    25 LEDs per square yard/30 RGB-LEDs per m².
  • Curtains with up to 83 LEDs/yd² / 100 LEDs/m² available upon request.
  • Individual programming and control of each LED.
  • High output 5mm LEDs.
  • Additive color mixing.
  • Specially designed LED sockets with small cable diameter.
  • Finished with webbing and hook & loop fastener on all four sides.
  • Excellent dimming quality.
  • Fast LED response time.
  • Quick setup and disassembly.
  • No LED mapping required.
  • Flight case included.
  • Includes ANIMATION Controller: max. control of 1,024 high-outputs LEDs.
  • Standard 19″ rack mount.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • Control via: ShowLED V-Box, media server (e.g. martin Maxedia), Coolux Pandoras Box.