aQtube™ Acoustic System

– Flexible absorption membrane for temporary use.
– Compared to the aQflex ? system, the aQtubes ? are filled with mobile blowers in the screw caps and are not connected to a permanently installed ventilation system.

Flame retardant: EN 13501-1, EN 13501-1/B-s1, d0


The patented aQtube? absorber system allows for changing the acoustics of a room to fit any purpose.

– For the first time the reverberation time can be adjusted to the multifunctional use between classical,
unplugged or electronic music.

Technical Data

– The absorbers can be temporarily mounted (aQtube?) on wires or permanently installed (aQflex?) on Gerriets tracks.
– For stationary installation the variable ON/OFF system is recommended, for temporary installation the preinflated
version is preferred.
– The system is CE certified.
– Meets the flame retardent classification DIN EN 1350-1 in the class B,s1-d0 and the US standard NFPA 701.
– The system is very lightweighted and therefore suitable to be retrofitted onto existing ceiling constructions.
– In the mobile version supplied with a 24V blower integrated in the screw cap, which guarantees a permanent ventilation of the mobile system.
– The system for permanent installation includes absorbers, tracks, air supply system and control box.
– Simple, wall mounted ON/OFF switch panel used for operation of system.
– Air supply requires a 230 V single phase circuit.
– The consumption of electricity is about 50 to 100 Watt while de-inflating.
– Low power use of 10 Watt once absorbers are inflated.
– Absorbers are connected via an air pipe-line and can be divided into two or more subsystems in order to achieve reverberation times in between extremes.
– A sensor surveys the system at all times.
– Any hypothetical malfunction is automatically observed.
– Can be easily retrofitted in most existing halls without much installation work.
– Absorbers in off position have almost no impact on reverberation but can be retracted to one side if necessary.

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