CUE-TRACK Continuous Chain System
CUE-TRACK 2 is a small profile chain track system that allows continuous movement of flat curtains and scenery.
Since chain moves the curtain/ scenery, precise positioning is possible. Available as a fixed or variable speed system.

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• Curtains with Minimal Stacking Area.
• Side Masking Systems in Cinema.
• Backdrops.
• Room Divider Curtains.


• Compact Storage: Stacking space is minimal due to the ability of the system to double back on itself and create a stacking space that is a small percentage of the curtain’s actual size.
• Compact stacking size via the use of several parallel track sections side by side.
• Simple assembly / short installation time.
• Adjustable mounting positions possible.
• 180º turns within 1.02″ radius.
• Low-maintenance, extremely reliable continuous operation.

We manufacture custom CUE-TRACK systems for use with curtains and draperies made from our vast selection of curtain fabrics.